Osama & Saddam Cartoons

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it appears that we are stuck unless someone has a suggestion?

I did not make any of these cartoons, all thanks go the people who did make them. you can contact them by viewing the credits at the end of each cartoon.

If you have any others that you would like to see here, please email them to me I will be glad to add them to this page.

The Real Hussein (Slim Shady Parody)

Lets Bomb Saddam

All Your Base Belong to US

Taliban Training Camp

Peace Talks

Saddam is Fu#ked

Peace Loving Saddam

Time to Bomb Saddam

Whack Georgie


Bin Laden


Osama's Cave (National Lampoon)

The Binch Poem

A Bin Laden Halloween

Jingle Bells

On The Run again


Taliban Twister

I am Mini Bin

You can run...

Afghan Weather

Bush at the Beach

Make Bush Dance


This is no cartoon, this could be serious

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