Web Cartoons


Camp Chaos
A lot of good stuff here, like Metallica vs Napster and much more.

The Clownsquad
We hate clowns here a Der Kamp, but Scott Sisti makes those enigmatic peddlers of glee agreeably entertaining with his online comic book. A well-designed site.

Hoola Boy! One of the most innovative and funny shows around

Joe Cartoon
Check out the adult cartoons of the hilarious Joe Cartoon. His site has, without a doubt, the best Flash animation and cartoons on the Internet. Tell Joe you love him.

Some of the best Flash drawings anywhere as well as funny as hell animated interactive features.

Loose Change
A couple of online cartoons of his own which are really worth viewing. Also, if you're lucky enough, you might be able to catch his cartoons on TV!

Lots of warped cartoons here, like telebubbies smoking bonghits. etc.

Mishmash Media
Xeth Feinberg's home for Bulbo and Astro-Chimp.

The Mr. Chuck Show, featuring Ned and Stumpy
This is a freaking hilarious episodic still-frame cartoon strip which addresses, among other things, why cartoon animals not only appear naked, but also have no genitalia. A must-see.

Osama & Saddam
Funny Shit

Spungifeel Comics
These are comic strips

If you know of any web cartoon links that are not listed here, please email link(s) to me and I will gladly add them.

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